Inside you is a joyful rebel buddha who’s sending you a wake-up call. This inner rebel is the voice of your own awakened mind provoking you to open your eyes to a deeper truth in life, to recognize that inner spark of wisdom and love you usually don’t notice. This rebel wisdom pops up everywhere. You encounter it whenever the whirlwind of your thoughts quiets down, whenever you allow your intelligent, questioning mind to do its work.

In his wise and humorous introduction to the Buddha’s teachings, Rebel Buddha, Dzogchen Ponlop shows you how to get in touch with your own rebel buddha, the renegade within who’s always urging you to question your beliefs and values and to look within to find meaningful truths. He offers a fresh and provocative vision of how enlightenment manifests here and now in our postmodern world, stripped of its cultural trappings and religious dogmas. Dzogchen Ponlop reminds us that the great rebel – the Buddha himself – wasn’t afraid to try anything in his pursuit of truth and freedom. Now it’s your turn. Are you ready?

Through the book, you can connect with the basic idea of rebel buddha and the discovery of your own personal freedom.  You can think of this web site as a wisdom playground, a place to explore and try it all out for yourself through poetry, music and art. Feel free to exchange your thoughts and creative expressions—with us and your new and old friends. We’re starting simple and adding more toys and contests as the weeks go by. There’s just one rule for being an active player – respect all friends here. Everything else is a guideline: be curious, question openly, try something new. Enjoy!

This web site is created and maintained by students of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.