Family Life as a Spiritual Path

Why do we feel especially triggered by family relationships? How can we transform challenging moments with our family and use those triggers effectively on our path?

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What would Rebel Buddha say to the American Psychotherapist?

If Rebel Buddha were an American Psychotherapist, what would she have to say? How would she teach and guide her peer psychotherapists? What is truly healing and beneficial for clients?

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Psychotherapy as Preliminary Practice

Can psychotherapy support beginning meditators on their journey of self discovery?  Can a skilled clinician serve as a means for clients to glimpse their awakened state? Will processing feelings lead to a state of mental tranquility?

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American Buddhism & Psychotherapy: Building an Intimate Partnership

If one of the goals of Rebel Buddha is to have a true merging of ancient wisdom with the modern world, how can we not talk about psychotherapy? How can American dharma students learn from American psychotherapists to create healthy and sustainable communities?

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Sweeping the Shrine Room Floor

Photo by Conor Lawless at flickr.

In his earliest teachings, the Buddha taught that the “wheel of action” begins with sweeping the shrine room floor, with mindfulness and awareness, of course. We sweep the floor mindfully and we accumulate something called “merit.” Sounds like a goodMORE…