Mindful Listening: The Music of Thoughts

How can we become good listeners? What might it mean to really hear and be open to ones own thoughts and feelings, and how is listening related to a spiritual path?

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Family Life as a Spiritual Path

Why do we feel especially triggered by family relationships? How can we transform challenging moments with our family and use those triggers effectively on our path?

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Getting Out of the Way

Creativity and the Arts as a Path to Awakening

How can the artistic method help us get out of our own way when manifesting positive, creative action in the world?

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The Good Shepherd and the Outlaw

“If we can be fully present in the space of any emotion in its naked, raw state without conceptualizing it, then we stand a chance of transcending our dualistic mind, right then and there.”

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Sweeping the Shrine Room Floor

Photo by Conor Lawless at flickr.

In his earliest teachings, the Buddha taught that the “wheel of action” begins with sweeping the shrine room floor, with mindfulness and awareness, of course. We sweep the floor mindfully and we accumulate something called “merit.” Sounds like a goodMORE…

The Road to Freedom: What You Should Know

The difference between partial freedom and true freedom, a look at how our storylines and reactive patterns come into play, and why Buddhism is spiritual in nature, not religious.

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