How Is Meditation Like a Snickers Bar?

If we want to taste the truth about our mind and our world, where should we begin? And what does meditation have in common with a Snickers?

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No Piece of Cake

“Rebel buddha is not all mind and clear thinking. Rebel buddha has a very large heart with desires and passions of its own . . . .”

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Don’t Meditate

Image for Featured Blog post Don't Meditate

Do you ever sit for meditation, hoping for a peaceful experience? What ‘s your approach when it doesn’t happen? Dennis Hunter suggests it’s possible, and even practical, to forget about meditation completely when you’re sitting.

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The rebellion begins on November 9, 2010

when Shambhala Publications drops Rebel Buddha.  Pre-order now from Shambhala Publications or Amazon.  Dzogchen Ponlop was named one of the Top Ten Buddhist Teachers Living in America by the Huffington Post.

The Road to Freedom: What You Should Know

The difference between partial freedom and true freedom, a look at how our storylines and reactive patterns come into play, and why Buddhism is spiritual in nature, not religious.

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Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Photo by mdanys at flickr

What does it really mean to be a Buddhist? How can we take what we learn by studying the teachings of the Buddha, and what we experience in our meditation practice — and put it to work in our lives, moment by moment?

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