cars mind / clouds pound / silent vision lines / clear me

Created by Bobby Jo Sawey

peace the mind / silent clouds escape / she he you me / fishy money

Created by Cindy

money war power escape me / mind clear / peace flash /

Created by mary chung

flaming arrows flash / direct with thoughts / escape hell / answer the iPhone

Created by robert j.

snakes like war / broken beggar / flaming vision of hell / why question god

Created by robert j. bullock

trendy power buddhas / cat thoughts flash and twist / a box of money flaming cars / arrows falling to heaven

Created by ceci miller

sexy buddhas / breathe flaming question / shouting with iPhone / for peace

Created by mary chung

joyful rebel / whispering thoughts / endless glowing mind /

Created by mary c

twisted taste of power / heaven escapes us / scarred armor and broken sword / waiting for gods answer

Created by robert j. bullock

the beggar deluded / grasps desires defends escapes / why in hell not answer burning question / rebel and waiting

Created by Jane Darling

whispering clouds of endless burning fences shouting / blurs and brittle boxes silent stones like armor / if alien mind blossoms and desires gate broken / is buddha a beggar a sword you me the rebel flaming arrows

Created by S. M. Manieri

sexy gods endless shouting / peace answer visions with iPhone

Created by Steven Sieden

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