heard snakes fences falling / love within breathes endless heaven / waiting silent broken clouds question / gods power by arrows comes

Created by Anonymous

you heard / heaven whispering / joyful love / shouting clouds

Created by John Litzenberg

grasps desires escapes / the answer within being / and breathes out silent

Created by Jo

shouting love / falling peace / endless burning / scarred buddha

Created by sonal naidu

careful words with a back gate to twisted aches / thinks shocking thoughts taste like broken fire / falling comes without sleeping / endless whispering desires rebel people answer the beggar

Created by Susan

fish the why with burning / stones we touched and all / clouds flaming joyful with whispering / buddha blossoms

Created by Gwyn Henry

joyful whispering / sitting buddhas breathes / bowl heard / love flashes

Created by SuzLesterBeach

whispering buddhas / shouting fools / flashes touched us / like stones and clouds

Created by pat

mind blurs falling / broken stones sleeping / joyful love blossoms endless breathes won / peace is sexy

Created by Sara