How Do You Know If Your Kids Are Buddhists?

How should we respond when our children reject Buddhism? Is it enough that our children receive the spirit of Buddhist teachings and not the “letter”?

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Getting Out of the Way

Creativity and the Arts as a Path to Awakening

How can the artistic method help us get out of our own way when manifesting positive, creative action in the world?

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MeeMee HeeHee and the Way of the Bodhisattva

How can performance artists follow the bodhisattva path (the intention to care as much about others’ happiness as we care about our own)?

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The Bodhisattva as Artist

What is the connection between the life of an artist and the way of the bodhisattva? What can exploration of koans teach us about being fully engaged on the Buddhist Path? How does responding to a koan help us embody the Dharma?

Throughout July and August we’ll be talking about Buddhism, art, and creativity.

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