The New York Journal of Books
“…the even-handed approach that Ponlop takes toward dismantling the structures of Buddhism to let their original force emerge speaks well for his mission. He brings from his Asian upbringing into his Western livelihood a relevant interpretation of Buddhism that anybody can understand.”

Open Sky Zen
“While “Rebel Buddha” can describe the revolutionary man himself originally known as Siddhartha Gautama, it more importantly provides us with a liberating way of viewing our minds. Dzogchen Ponlop reminds us that the natural state of our minds is one of compassion, awakeness, and freedom. It’s the mission of our own innate Rebel Buddha to embark upon the journey of freeing ourselves from the constraints of our self-created illusions; the ones we create about ourselves and the world, and those that are imposed on us by society, government, and religion.”

  “Why do I even want to wake up? Why have I, as an individual, put myself on this path? And at what point (and why?) did I realize I was asleep inside this dream?…
  “Ponlop Rinpoche’s new book, Rebel Buddha, is out now, with a great deal of buzz. While I have only read the first two chapters, the book is stirring up many of those same questions about awakening, only Rinpoche is doing it outside of the framework of a formal, ritualized Buddhist practice. His case for presenting this ‘pragmatic Buddhism’ is a good one, I think.”

TRUE SMALL CAPS (Religion and Spirituality Book Reviews)
 “There are hundred of introductions to Buddhism, but this one is sure to appeal…
 “What impressed me most about this book was the sharpness of the author’s analysis and his tell-it-like-it-is honesty. Not only that, but he manages to get through an entire book on Buddhism without using a single term of Sanskrit or Tibetan.”

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